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It is essential to consider the thickness, or ounce, of leather when selecting it for a project. This affects measurements, weight, and often most importantly, the flexibility and bend of the item.


A thickness gauge is a useful tool. We offer a lightweight gauge that covers up to 14 ounces. It is made from 1/4" plywood or .093 acrylic, but can be special ordered in solid wood upon request.


The gauge also features ounce measurements and their equivalent conversions in inches and mm. This makes it easy to record leather stock and find dimensions in different markets.


Each wooden gauge is finished with our in-house wood wax blend to protect it over time. The edges are waxed and burnished to protect against moisture. If you would like an unfinished item or a different finish, please let us know in the notes when purchasing.

Leather Thickness Gauge

PriceFrom $6.00