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Customer Care

Our number 1 goal is to make sure you have the best experience possible when purchasing from us. We have a number of methods you can get in touch with us and we will help you along the way. 

The best way to ask questions, stay connected with us, and learn about upcoming announcements, is via our Six Elements Workshop mobile app. Use the links below to install it for yourself, or send it to a friend that you think would be interested in our services and products. 

Using this app you can create your own page here at the workshop, track your favorite items and stay connected with us so you can reach out anytime. --This app is monitored 24/7 but we typically only respond during normal business hours. 

Privacy & Safety 

When visiting the Six Elements Workshop website, we guarantee that all your information, from visits to vital data, is kept secure with strong encryption and not shared with any parties you are not directly interacting with.

We do not share user information with third-parties, so all your data is stored within our website and mobile app.

If you ever want any data we have regarding your account removed, just contact us and we can delete it.

For more information on our Privacy Policy, please follow this LINK.

Bulk Ordering Inquiries

Many of the products we carry at the Workshop can be purchased in bulk quantities, with discounts available based on the amount bought. To make it easier for customers to identify items that are eligible for bulk ordering, we have added a flag to the description page of each product that qualifies. Bulk orders can save customers a lot of money, and can be especially beneficial for busy professionals who need to stock up on supplies quickly. By taking advantage of our bulk purchasing capabilities, customers can rest assured that they are getting the best possible deal.

Once you know how many items you would like, including any customization, contact us with the information and we can provide a personalized estimate of the discounts available for different quantities.

If you already have this information, you can join our Workshop app using the link above, or email us directly at

Payment Methods

- All Major Credit / Debit Cards

-In-person sales (Apple Pay & Google Pay)

- Offline Payments (Pre-Approved Only)

Payment Methods
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