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A leather swivel knife sheath is an excellent way to preserve and store your knives in a safe and attractive manner. The design makes it easy to access your knives quickly and safely, while the leather construction adds an elegant touch to any workspace. A leather swivel knife sheath provides several benefits, including:


  • Easy access: With a this design, you can quickly and easily access the knives you need, without having to fumble or search through other tools and the sheath will full protect your cutting blades so they don't dull from sitting in a drawer.


  • Functional and attractive: A leather swivel knife sheath looks great in any workspace, adding an air of sophistication while providing a useful purpose.


  • Durable construction: Our leather swivel knife sheath is made from Sundance or Veg Tan full grain leather, to be extremely durable, so your knives stay safe and secure, even when you are transporting them.


This particular sheath was made to house a 1/4” barrel swivel knife and a 1/2” barrel swivel knife so you can keep your standard and filigree knives in one spot.


If you would like to make this item for yourself, we also offer a permanent acrylic template, or a downloadable PDF pattern for this design as well.

Leather Swivel Knife Sheath

PriceFrom $45.00