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This template is used to allow the fast transfer of concentric circles and division lines when laying out patterns on a variety of materials. This template comes in 3" - 5" outer diameter circles.


Due to the design of this template having the largest circles possible, it is a fragile template but will hold up to the proper use of the template by marking your circles with a pen or scratch awl. To ensure the template is used to its full potential and to prevent any breakage, it is recommended to use a light touch when marking the circles. Additionally, if a pen or scratch awl is not available, a fine-tipped marker can be used instead, as it offers a higher degree of precision. With the correct use of the template and its associated tools, this template will be able to last a long time.


All slots are 1/16" wide so using a marking device smaller than this is recommended.


The material used for this template is sourced at a US based business in California, and is high-grade cast acrylic sheet at .093”|2.3mm thickness. This provides a flexible yet strong material that will withstand heavy use for many years.

Concentric Circle Template

PriceFrom $5.25