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When you're a man of the mountain, you need to make sure you control your facial hair. You don't want to have pine needles and moss stuck in your beard. Be prepared and have well-groomed hair, and live up to your lumberjack lifestyle with pride.


Our comb is made from ethically cultivated hardwoods. You can choose from Padouk or Walnut woods. At the workshop, we laser etch a mountain design on your comb, then shape each comb by hand to add perfect tapers to the teeth. We also hand file each tooth with smooth chamfers to give you a pull-free combing experience.


We finish each comb with our recipe of local beeswax and mineral oil, giving it a vibrant color, durable finish, and wood-preserving layer to keep your comb sturdy and beautiful for years.


Each comb comes with a 100% genuine leather sleeve, which we also make by hand in the workshop. These are hand dyed, stitched, and finished, giving your comb another layer of protection, all wrapped up in a premium package you can carry and be proud of for years.


If you'd like your comb to be personalized with a name or short quote on the back side, please ask us about this after checkout.


We hope you enjoy our new beard comb. We think this is a well-loved, unique item that will make you addicted to having a nicely groomed face.

The Mountain - Beard Comb