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This paint display rack is compatible with Angelus paint, 1 fl. ounce bottles and holds 36 bottles. It features 3 holes for wall mounting for ease of use, and a bench standing mount is available upon request. Made from 1/8" high-quality Mahogany plywood, it is lightweight and allows you to easily see all of your paints at once. The rack comes without any stain, color, or top coats, so you can finish it to your own taste.


Using this paint rack gives you more space on your bench or shelves, while storing your paints professionally and in an organized way. The construction is 100% toolless and can be assembled and installed in under 15 minutes using our innovative plywood locking mechanism. Glue can be added for extra rigidity, but is not required. Once the rack is fully assembled and mounted, it is sturdy enough to hold your paints.


Note for assembly


When using the snap locks, very little pressure is needed. Make sure to gently move the locking tabs into the correct orientation when pushing pieces together. If the pieces are not going together, ensure all the locking tabs are moved into place. Once the rack is fully assembled, you may add glue to the locking surfaces for extra stability. If you are having trouble with assembly, please feel free to give us a call. An assembly video will be published soon on YouTube.

Angelus Paint Rack

$44.95 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price