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These acrylic belt templates are intended to reduce the risk of mis-measurement or misalignment of belt blanks or accessory straps. Each template is 13" (330.2mm) long and has a 3-inch gap between the tip of the English point and the first adjustment hole. If you need a larger or shorter gap, the template can be slid to the desired position. Each hole is 3/16" in diameter.


All templates have adjustment holes at 3/4" intervals for 3/4" adjustments. These templates typically include 7 holes for belts under 50" in length; for belts over 50", the standard is 5 adjustment holes.


All templates also feature a rounded end guide and English Point end guide for ease of belt end creation. Additionally, a dashed outline helps identify holes for buckle placement, belt keeper location, and skiving area.


A 1/4" and 1 cm ruler is also located on the belt, though the measurement numbers have been omitted from the design. If you have a standard size you work with, consider adding a colored indicator to the tick mark for flexibility.


How We Sell These Belt Templates:

Our belt templates can be purchased individually, as a set span, or as a master set. Our master set of templates can also be purchased with a box for organization. Alternatively, because we cut a hole in the same spot on all of our templates, they can be placed on a peg board, nail, or keychain for easy access.




The material used for this template is sourced at a US based business in California, and is high-grade cast acrylic sheet at .093”|2.3mm thickness. This provides a flexible yet strong material that will withstand heavy use for many years.

Acrylic Belt Template (Sets)

PriceFrom $40.00
  • If you are looking for single templates, please go to this PAGE.