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How to optimize your artwork for stamping

When looking to get a piece of artwork made into a stamp, whether it be for Delrin Resin, Brass, or Rubber, it is important to understand a few fundamental constraints.

First the size of the artwork is important as this determines the number of pixels that our software has to work with when generating automated vector graphics from a normal image. The larger the artwork is in resolution, the better so when finding artwork or creating it, make the resolution at least 1000px on the long edge if you can.

The second part of your artwork that is important to keep in mind is that layers do not translate to a stamp. A stamp is fundamentally 2.5 D only, not 3D. As well, if you have artwork that has multiple elements overlapping, they will need to be separated by hand, before they can be stamped with a good outcome. Here is an example of a layered piece of art that would need to be separated.

Here is an example of how we re-draw artwork to optimize it for stamp creation:

Sometimes, there is so much going on in a piece of art, or gradients of grey and these need to be made black and white, as the software will not notice greys easily. In that case if we need to re-make your artwork we can do this by hand to get you the best results possible.

If you would like to get in touch with us about the work we do, or if you want to skip right to the good stuff, feel free to leave us a message using our custom order form with your artwork included and we will work with you to get you the best possible stamp made.



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