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Thistle & Bone

Welcome to Thistle & Bone, a multifaceted business that operates as a family-owned homestead, sustainable farm, and a hub for burgeoning businesses. Our expansive network, known as the Barter Town Collective, includes a myriad of businesses offering unique products, experiences, and services - all under the trusted Thistle & Bone umbrella.

Venture through our online platform to explore artisanal products, farm-fresh produce cultivated with love from our family farm, or immerse yourself in the charming homestead lifestyle, offering a refreshing escape from the urban grind. We provide opportunities to discover eclectic, local artists and businesses while fostering community and encouraging sustainable practices.

Join us on our dynamic journey, as we continue to expand and bring new offerings to our site. By following our various social media accounts, you'll stay informed about the latest innovations, activities, and collaborative projects unfolding within Thistle & Bone. Be a part of our growth story, and engage with the unique products and experiences that set us apart.

Here at Thistle & Bone, we are more than just a business; we're a thriving ecosystem of creativity, sustainability, and collaboration. Your search for a vibrant, diverse, and holistic business collective ends here.


Welcome to Thistle & Bone - your portal to an evolving world of discovery and community.

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Want to check out some of the other artisans that are part of the BarterTown Collective?

Step into the dynamic, vibrant world of the Barter Town Collective, an integral part of the Thistle & Bone Homestead experience. A community unlike any other, we unite artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators, each contributing unique products, services, and experiences.


Our Collective is a tapestry of creative expression, where traditional techniques meet modern ideas, and each member brings their own distinct flair to the mix. This extraordinary blend of talents gives rise to an array of offerings that range from handmade artisanal goods to innovative services and interactive experiences.


Delve into the compelling stories behind each creation, and witness firsthand the power of collaboration. As you navigate our Collective, you'll find that each business or artist is a chapter in a broader narrative of community, innovation, and shared success. Curiosity piqued? Join us and explore the Barter Town Collective — an entrepreneurial symphony of creativity that is sure to captivate and inspire.


Discover, connect, and engage with us. We're more than just a collective; we're a journey waiting to be explored.

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