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Cyndal Ronan

Cyndal Ronan is a skilled artisan workshop owner with almost a decade of experience in leatherworking laser craft, woodworking, jewelry, and other shop-related works. Her commitment to crafting exceptional and distinctive products is evident in every piece she creates. Cynd takes pride in providing her customers with top-notch service and products

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My Story

I'm the proud owner of the Thistle & Bone artisanal workshop. With a rich tapestry of 16 years in the tech realm, I've seamlessly transitioned into the world of artisanal creation. For the past nine years, Thistle & Bone has been my sanctuary, a place where innovation and tradition intertwine. Beyond the workshop, I revel in the joys of fatherhood, cherishing the lessons it imparts daily. My journey is a mosaic of leather goods, tool making, woodworking, laser craft, CNC operations, and jewelry making, each piece crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail. Thistle & Bone isn't just a workshop; it's a testament to the fusion of technology and timeless artistry. Join me on this odyssey of creativity, where every creation tells a story, and every stitch is infused with passion. 

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