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What it takes to create a custom item

When creating custom items sometimes the process can be long and tedious. We have attempted to create a system that makes that process deliberate and easy to accomplish. Check out how we do what we do.

How we process custom stamps & items:

Our custom stamps can be made from a variety of materials, can include any artwork you sketch or find out there on the web, and can be modified to be applied with hand tools or presses.

Once you have found a design that you would like to have made into a stamp, or if you have an idea about a stamp all you need to do is get that over to us to have a look at. 

After you send us the artwork and the the size you would like the stamp to be we need to figure out what material you would like it made from. Check out the differences in materials below.

  • Delrin Acetal Resin: Strong and Crisp, Can't be heated above 232 degrees, intended for Veg-Tan leather only.

  • 360 Brass: Strong and Crisp, CAN be heated, Great for all leather even finished leathers, also useable to brand wood.

  • Grey/Pink Low-Odor Rubber: Intended for use with an ink pad

After choosing your material, we need to know how you want to apply your stamp, either with a mallet or press to determine what extra you may need, such as a handle or mulesfoot if you want to use a mallet with your stamp.

After we get this all settled the normal process for a custom order begins, check that out below.

First, choose an item that you would like to have customized from our website. If you have something else in mind, email us with the idea you have and we can see about working through it with you.

Once we receive your email with the custom order submission we will look over your requirements and the item you have in mind. 

We will contact you with any questions we have if there are unknowns.

We will prepare your item and layout all of the custom attributes in our computer software. We will screenshot the prototype of your custom item and then send an email back you for final approval of your custom item.

After final approval, we will get your item made, finished with love and care and out the door to you. Thank you for the opportunity to make you a one of a kind item you will be able to enjoy for the rest of your life. 

Ready to go?

All custom orders require payment prior to any prototyping work, this typically takes place after the initial email conversations have been concluded on the discovery of ideas. We will send you an invoice for the item, as well as any additional labor costs associated with customization.

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